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Made in North Carolina



My name is Nicole and I am the creator and designer behind hand&clay. If you made it to the “About Me” section you’re probably wondering how hand&clay came to be.


To put it simply, what started as a creative outlet quickly turned into the small biz you see today.


I started making clay earrings in January 2019 for fun, something to fill my downtime outside of work. Soon after I received many inquiries on making pairs for coworkers and friends, I decided to make a business out of it!


At the time I was a full-time assistant manager for Madewell so I had plenty of energy to expel on earrings, often working 60+hr work weeks with my very supportive husband, Josh. Then in October of 2019 I received an incredible opportunity to relocate for work and become a store director for Madewell (something I had been working toward and hoping for)!


My new position is much more demanding so my energy for my small business has shifted a bit. Everyday I'm learning how to best balance the two so I can continue to offer the unique and fun pieces you’ve come to know and love.


Thank you for stopping by and supporting my small business!



Creator and Owner

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